As of this morning, the getPass package version 0.1-1 is available on CRAN. The package offers a portable way to read user input without echoing the text, for the purposes of reading passwords. Some screenshots from various platforms are given below. Implementation details are described in the package vignette. The short version is, if you use... RStudio, input is handled by the rstudioapi Read more >>
About The coop package does co-operations: covariance, correlation, and cosine, and it does them quickly. The package is available on CRAN and GitHub, and has two vignettes: Introducing coop: Fast Covariance, Correlation, and Cosine Operations Algorithms and Benchmarks for the coop Package Incidentally, the vignettes don't render correctly on CRAN's end for some reason; if any of you rmarkdown Read more >>
Say you have an Amazon EC2 instance running and you want to be able to control your R session running there from your local R session. At heart, this is not a new idea for the R community. You can already control remote R sessions easily with Shiny or RStudio server, for instance. Well now you can also try the experimental remoter package, available on github. So while this isn't really tackling Read more >>
Today I'll be giving a short talk/demo on a shiny-based webapp I've been working on to perform basic text analyses. You can see a live demo of the app here: The presentation details are as follows: Date: Friday, August 28th - 12:00 pm ET Presenters: Mike Black and Drew Schmidt Phone: 1-866-939-8416 Participant code: 4906909# Web Conference: Title: Read more >>
I'm torn about talking about floating point numbers out in the open.  I feel like this is the sort of thing that should be hidden away from polite society, so as not to scare the children. It's just indecent! A few years ago, I picked up the book Handbook of Floating Point Arithmetic, by Muller et al, which is fantastic.  Chapter 7 alone is worth the price of admission for me, so I definitely Read more >>
Title with apologies to the Wu-Tang Clan. In this post, we're going to be discussing: Rcpp R's C interface The importance of CPU caches Performance benchmarking If none of these things is of interest you and you clicked anyway, please enjoy this picture of a cat: Background Cache is like your computer's ram, only very small and 50-100 times faster to pull information from. Information in Read more >>
R is full of things that make "real programmers" (I dislike this term) turn their noses up in disgust. One of my favorites is the dump() function. It is...odd. I think the best way to introduce it to people is without context, because it's just so bizarre: That's right; it's actually dumping out R code that would allow you to generate the object. I have actually even found some intersting uses Read more >>