9 comments on “How Much of R is Written in R Part 2: Contributed Packages

  1. Of course 1 line of R is worth, on average, 22.75 lines of C/C++, so from that perspective R is doing much more of the work. OK, I'll admit I just made that number up, but you get the idea. Thanks for such a thorough analysis!

    Mean Old Boss

    • Actually, that should be the next assignment: for select (most important, not necessarily most used) R functions, what is growth factor from R to C. I assume, haven't looked into the R translation/compilation stuff, that there is an explicit conversion from R to C (ignoring the FORTRAN parts) source, and thence to the C compiler.

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    • If we take the part-1-of-2.xls file (linked in the blog), convert it back into a tab delimited csv:

      [1] "eaf" "rindex" "TAHMMAnnot" "ref" "bit"
      [6] "fImport" "gdata" "WriteXLS" "ibdreg" "FEST"
      [11] "Rpad" "regtest" "copBasic"

      So for instance, in the eaf package, eafdiff and eafplot appear to be written in perl (file names are also included in the .xls files).

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