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My last post of substance was all about improving your performance using R to answer programming questions that might be asked during a job interview.  So let's say you nailed the interview and got the job, but you desperately want to be fired for grand incompetence.  Never fear, your pal at librestats once again has your back. The sleep sort First, we'll tackle the sleep sort after an important Read more >>
Commenting here was effectively (accidentally) disabled for probably a few weeks due to some overzealous anti-spam policy that resulted from getting inundated with hundreds of spam posts in just a few days.  The issue has been corrected.  Additionally, I have added a contact form on my About page. Feel free to use these to contact me and tell me what a dumb person I am. Read more >>
My time as a grad student will soon draw to a close. With this comes the terrifying realisation that I'm going to start applying for jobs and, hopefully, interviewing soon, forever leaving my comfortable security blanket of academia. With that horrible thought in mind, I've been doing some poking around to see what various kinds of technical interviews are like.  Apparently, it is not entirely Read more >>