5 comments on “Autoplot: Graphical Methods with ggplot2

  1. I think that the following correction is needed in linear models under #normal qq

    slope <- diff(b)/diff(a)
    int <- b[1] - slope * a[1]
    g2 <- ggplot(df, aes(sample=.stdresid)) ...

  2. The code is now about two years old. Would you like to update it? I find the function regarding linear models quite useful but cannot run it any longer with my data and do not know how to fix it. I unfortunately get only a blank output, no warnings or error messages. Would appreciate a lot an updated version! :) What do you think?

    • For ggplot versions > 0.9.1, change all of the `opts(title="title")` code to `ggtitle("title")`. I'm guessing that will do it.

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