I've been too quiet around here for too long. I plan to rectify that soon.  As for why I've been absent for so long, the very short answer is that I lost the energy.  I'm working on a lot of really new and exciting software projects (~6 of them side projects I work on in my free time, mostly by myself).  Combine this with an aggressive work schedule, lots of traveling for the summer conference season, Read more >>
I've talked about the toy programming problem fizzbuzz on this blog a few times. In R, you might do something like this: Or to be a bit more R-ish, you might do something like: But there's a problem. That's all too readable! When I look at it, I know exactly what it's doing. Enter Fortran. I spend most of my life programming in Fortran these days --- which I then hook Read more >>
Commenting here was effectively (accidentally) disabled for probably a few weeks due to some overzealous anti-spam policy that resulted from getting inundated with hundreds of spam posts in just a few days.  The issue has been corrected.  Additionally, I have added a contact form on my About page. Feel free to use these to contact me and tell me what a dumb person I am. Read more >>