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I've been joking for a while now that I was going to start solving project euler problems in LaTeX.  Then today I finally did one.  So let's talk about solving Project Euler problem number 1 (the easy one) using only LaTeX. The problem asks you to sum up all the positive integers below 1000 which are divisible by 3 or 5 (or both).  Doing this in R is easy.  You could efficiently do which Read more >>
Background (probably boring) Several months ago, my boss and I were discussing how he got the data for his software popularity article; the rest of the background discussion pertains to those plots, so I would recommend going over to take a look before continuing on (or just skip to the next section if you're impatient).  Specifically, we were talking about his figures 7 and 11.  Basically he was Read more >>
What is parallelization?Parallelization is using multiple processing cores to, hopefully, make your programs run faster than serial code, which is the use of just one processing core. Parallel code is not always faster than its serial counterpart (but if you're doing it right and you're careful about what you parallelize, it will be --- remember, that's your goal here).  Don't rush to parallelize Read more >>
My last post of substance was all about improving your performance using R to answer programming questions that might be asked during a job interview.  So let's say you nailed the interview and got the job, but you desperately want to be fired for grand incompetence.  Never fear, your pal at librestats once again has your back. The sleep sort First, we'll tackle the sleep sort after an important Read more >>
My time as a grad student will soon draw to a close. With this comes the terrifying realisation that I'm going to start applying for jobs and, hopefully, interviewing soon, forever leaving my comfortable security blanket of academia. With that horrible thought in mind, I've been doing some poking around to see what various kinds of technical interviews are like.  Apparently, it is not entirely Read more >>
Problem:  What is the greatest product of four adjacent numbers in any direction (up,  down,  left, right,  or diagonally) in the 20×20 grid? Commentary:  Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything.  Once again, the semester and research get the better of me.  As for this problem, like several before it I will be passing off some things to the shell for convenience.  This can Read more >>
So maybe I'm a strange guy, but I think fork bombs are really funny.  What's a fork bomb?  The basic premise is that you spawn a process that spawns a process that spawns a process..., ad infinitum. The most beautiful example of a fork bomb, and really one of the most beautiful lines of code ever, was created by Denis Rolo: Aside from looking like the gnarliest smiley face ever, running Read more >>
So that mean old boss of mine is at it again.  This morning I came in beaming about how many people had read my post How Much of R is Written in R (thanks by the way!).  He then asks me about one little line in that post; the one about how if you looked at the contributed packages, you'd overwhelmingly see them written in R, and that this is what really matters. He asked if I had bothered to verify Read more >>