I’ve been too quiet around here for too long. I plan to rectify that soon.  As for why I’ve been absent for so long, the very short answer is that I lost the energy.  I’m working on a lot of really new and exciting software projects (~6 of them side projects I work on in my free time, mostly by myself).  Combine this with an aggressive work schedule, lots of traveling for the summer conference season, and that constant nagging academic feeling that “you should be writing papers, not blogs” and you get a year with no real posts.  Anyway, I’ve got some great stuff (I think so, anyway) lined up that should be ready to go pretty soon.

As a quick reminder, I host all of my work on my github account.  Most of the projects I’ve been working on are held in private repos, because I don’t like people seeing the garbage code that makes up my initial attempts at something, but several of the new projects (and some interesting new developments in old ones) are available publicly.  I’m hoping to talk about at least on of them fairly soon.

Thanks for reading.